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The Bugatti Family 16th June 2021

Presenter Roger Hamilton

Recorded by Rick Purnell.

Four generations of the artistic Bugatti family established ‘the Italian look in design’. Giovanni Luigi Bugatti (1823-1880) was very creative being an Architect and interior designer, particularly fireplaces. His son Carlo (1856 – 1940)an Interior Decorator, Manufacture of Furniture in the Art Nouveau Style, jewellery silversmithing moved to Paris to be in the art circle and exhibiting at Bon Marché.

Carlo had 2 sons Ettore (1881-1940) & Rembrandt (1884-1916). Rembrandt was an engineer and celebrated sculptor in bronze specialising in animals using lost wax process he was widely exhibited. Unfortunately during WWI suffered from depression he took his own life at the age of 31.

Ettore was the ‘star’ of the family starting off as an apprentice in a bicycle works which evolved to production of early motorised trikes and quadricycles. This became his passion and embarked on motor car production developing the now famous Bugatti range of automobiles. Ettore ventured into motorised railcars and during the War years he developed aero engines. Bugatti became a brand name for excellence in both racing and road motorcars which continues to this day. When Ettore died in 1947 his sons Jean & Roland continued the mark when VW eventually acquired the business. Vintage Bugattis fetch millions at auction today.

Speaker Roger Hamilton, a member of Torquay Probus Club, a former Biological Researcher in the water industry entertained 20 members and two guests of Teignmouth Probus Club with a superb slide show by Zoom including many photos of the early development of the Bugatti motor cars from the first design model 1 in 1894, into motor racing and right through to the ‘Bugatti Veyron’ super sports car of today.

There was a lively ‘any questions’ then the vote of thanks by Steve Battersby.

The next meeting is by Colin Vosper about “There’s more to Peru than Macho Picchu”

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Photo of Bugatti Royale with family bronze sculptured radiator mascot. A Bugatti Veyron and Speaker Roger Hamilton.

Teignmouth Probus Club The Bugatti Family 16th June 2021