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Speakers for 2021

3  Feb         Otzi the Ice Man Prehistoric murder in the Alps      Andrew Thompson

17              Oliver Heaviside  Scientist and Mathematician        Ian Handford

3  Mar        Driving Under London                                          John Polley

17              The Cold War  Photo Recon. and me.                     Philip Carlisle

7  Apr         The hunt for the Bismark                                       Eric Walkom

21              An Editors Life                                                     David Scott   

5  May       Somebody has to do it, my life with worms       Roger Avery  

19              Storybook Dad                                                    Brian Smith 

2  Jun         The Wolves of Yellowstone                                Kirsty Peake

16              The amazing Bugatti family                                Roger Hamilton

7  Jul          There’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu           Colin Vosper

21              The cancellation of the RAF fighter TSR2         Brian Portch

1 Sep         Belgian refugees in Devon during WW1            Ciaran Stoker

15              The Unnatural death of Dr Kelley                      Dr David Halpin

6  Oct        The Haunted Inns of Devon                                Robert Hesketh

20              Land of Fire and Ice                                            Ivan & Sue Godfrey

3  Nov       Babbage                                                               Ian Handford

17              Space Update                                                      David Norman

1 Dec         The Lindisfarne Gospels                                     Mike Thompson